Top 10 assignment

I’m currently taking a class on Artists as Writers with Pat Boas as apart of MFA program. This last week we were given an assignment based on the Top 10  feature found in Art Forum . The feature that is a part of every issue invites a different artist to list their top 10. The contents vary from artist to artist. Often it is composed of other artist or art institutions that are interesting to the author, but there are also favorite places, films, and objects that are effecting the artist and ultimately informs their work.

This was a much harder task than I anticipated it to be. As I started compiling a list I found myself thinking about what these items say about me. I like to think of myself as someone who is not concerned with the perceptions of others, but that is much more idealistic than realistic. I am compiling this list as instructed in a class that is apart of an institution and such ideas are prone to higher levels of scrutiny then most.  Now a new question is pressing on me. Do I write on items that will be much more accepted within the institution I’m writing for or do I write exactly what I’m into and looking at and run the risk of judgement? Failure to do so would then be deceiving and as a result would inhibit any chance of growth or any  possible affirmation I could gain.

Then I thought ” Am I thinking too much? ” Probably. I decided to move forward and compile the list the best and truest I could. Still not easy.  I started to find myself writing down more than the ten I was required and started to prioritize and breaking down the reasoning as to why they deserved to be on the list.  Then I ended up with less than ten. By now you are probably think as I was at this point ” Dude, just write the list already.”  Ultimately it really made me think about why I allow some things to influence me and why I keep other things out. I still don’t know why, and to be honest I’m a little embarrassed by the ten.  What I am beginning to understand is the true potency of my upbringing and much of the psychology  that ruled me as a boy still plays a pat in my current psychology. Maybe Judd Apatow will make a movie based on my own Man-child story.

Here are the Ten for your consideration:



About samuelguerrero

I've been pursuing what it means to live and work as an artist for a long time, and have tried to merge every aspect of my life with it. My career, my free time, my friends... pretty much everything I do I connect it to the act of making. This is a continuous journey and being an MFA candidate at PSU is another chapter of that pursuit. Here I will chronicle my experiences and processes as I work toward the completion of yet another chapter in my journey.
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