What the… Another Quarter Review!

Below is the script for my 2nd Quarter Review. If you desire to do so take a look at it and let me know what you think. I have to give it on Monday  Feb 28th so its coming up pretty quick. Thanks

p.s. the actual PDF of slides is attached at the bottom of this post. Be advised its a big one.

Quarter 2 Review Script

Slide 1: Title

Slide 2:

This work is a result of my curiosities during last quarter. The work had a lot of conflict that I was unwilling to resolve and decided that what needed to be done was an abandoning of this form and search for a new one that would better serve my interests.

Slide 3:

Male Identity still serves as a basis for much of my work and I have continued to think about what influences the male idea of self and the roles a he assumes in response.

I’ve also been thinking about my own conflictions with my cultural identity and not feeling connected to my ethnic group.

I’ve had a lot of conflict with the relation between making and the potential pleasure that can come from it. I’ve tried to get back to the playfulness that used to inhabit much of my processes.

Because of my desire to enjoy the act of making and a challenge issued by Jason I have begun to move from a painting and drawing focus to a sculptural one

Slide 4:

I’ve developed a fascination with rite of passage ceremonies. Specify ones that involve a physicality that is dangerous and often results in the cutting or wounding of the participants. Often such wounds purposefully are made to leave scars that serve as trophies or reminders of the young males movement from seeing self as boy to seeing self as man.

Slide 5:

Piñatas have also been an interest this quarter. Specifically seeing Piñata as an ordinate container and the violent celebration ritual it is part of. The Piñata also has a lot of history that is attached to the Catholic Church. The symbolism is packed and often contradictory.  The piñata structure is meant to inhabit both good and evil. The shape of the star it is meant symbolize the star of Bethlehem, and the seven points reference the seven deadly sins.  Some Piñatas have 10 points that represent the 10 commandments and the act of breaking the piñata symbolizes the breaking of the 10 commandments. Its hung high so we look up as we look up to heaven to God. Breaking the piñata also represents the fighting against sin and the candy that falls from the piñata represents the blessings from heaven we receive for doing so.

Slide 6

I have a history of making Piñatas for Tender Loving Empire celebrations and for Dan Attoe’s class I made a cardboard installation that employed many of the techniques I used for making my piñatas. Jason challenged me to consider taking this practice and apply it to my studio work.

Slide 7 thru 11:

I started drawing ways of merging the concept of rite of passage rituals with the tradition of the piñata.

The figure is constructed much like a piñata by using cardboard.  The figure becomes one of beauty and very fragile. A participant of the potentially physically harmful act and mirrors the position of the boys who participate in the rite of passage rituals. The goal is to find favor with the father, the elders, God. Through the act they cross from one identity to another. The figure has its identity legitimized and validated through the physical breaking of its body.

Visually I relied on the history of piñata to guide me with its roots coming from Asia, Spain, South America, and Christian Religion.

I had the idea to replace the head with literal piñata forms and inspired my application for work to go in PSU La Casa Latina.

Slide 12 thru 17

Before I had started work on the La Casa Latina project I had started creating a prototype model. I started with the head using the geometric nature of the material to influence the formation of features and structure of the head.

I later moved on to the body moving to upholster tack cardboard that proved to be more malleable.

I knew that the face and hands would be exposed and needed the most attention.

Slide 18

I’ve also been thinking about the clothing of the figure and have played with the idea of using traditional materials like feathers and paper to approach clothing.

Slide 19 thru 22

But I’ve also strongly considered using actual clothing on the figure. Note: I made the figure to fit in Medium size clothing… I obviously do not wear a medium and in the photos the figure is wearing my clothes.

Slide 23:

I would like for you to consider several things in your comments:




PDF of Presentation slides:



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I've been pursuing what it means to live and work as an artist for a long time, and have tried to merge every aspect of my life with it. My career, my free time, my friends... pretty much everything I do I connect it to the act of making. This is a continuous journey and being an MFA candidate at PSU is another chapter of that pursuit. Here I will chronicle my experiences and processes as I work toward the completion of yet another chapter in my journey.
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