Uncle Sam

I just found out that I’m going to be an Uncle! Needless to say I have not been able to think about anything else since I found out, and as a maker of objects my mind started to fill with possible projects. This one I can’t wait to get started and I hope to have clothing and prints this Thanksgiving to give my sister  when I go to see her. I also have an adopted Nephew of sorts, Jack, who I think will look rad in one of these shirts. Let me know what version you like best as I’m planning on getting them screen printed this week.

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Jam out while I work

I used to watch action movies  and Judd Apatow flicks while I painted. I’ve usually been cramped in a small apartment and my living area doubled as a studio. Now I have an actual studio but no TV. So the next best thing….. Tunes. Its been awesome and I don’t miss the visual distraction. Heres what I’ve been into.

p.s. The painting to the right is by Jonathan Viner. His stuff kind of reads like  a sexy, non mormon version of a Stephenie Meyer book, but damn the boy can paint.

If you can remove your eyes from the girls in bikinis the dinosaur and text, though ridiculous, are hilarious.

I fall for this band the more I listen to them. I have to admit I swoon a little when Luzelena sings in Spanish.  Ben Meyercord, one of the members of this epic band, has agreed to sit for a painting for my series. SCORE!!

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The Wunderkammer

I had a studio visit with Brendan Clenaghen last week and presented my response to the class critique the week before.  I wanted to get some insight on this new approach of using the act of cataloguing objects as a part of my portraitures. I showed him my Cabinet that I made and how I plan to use it. Then he in turn introduced my to the concept of “Curiosity Cabinets”. Is it fait? I’ll let you be the judge.

The “Curiosity Cabinet”, also known as the Cabinet of Wonder or in German,  Kunst-kammer or Wunderkammer ( which translates to Wonder Room) , was a 15th century practice in which practitioners in the Sciences, Arts, and Religion collected and catalogued objects that had to do directly or indirectly with their practices. What I found interesting was that fact that many of the object that would record “Natural History” were forged.  The Jackalope immediately comes to mind. Further interest is the idea that the model of the museum came from these collections and that “commoners” adopted similar practices.

I was reminded of a girl I used to date in college, who I credit with emerging me in  one of the most authentically “Hispanic” times in my life. It seemed that every weekend there was something to attend with her family . Her Mom would always return from the event with some trinket  to put in this giant hope chest stored in their living room. The thing was full of wedding and quinceanera favors or center pieces. Upon further inspection it read as a visual history of sorts. Telling her and her family’s story. A little museum where patrons can better familiarize themselves with the identity of the curator.

This has been a very exciting avenue to explore. We all collect for whatever reason. Some of the collections are extremely personal and hidden from view. Others we openly share with others. Regardless of what the object is and how we choose to store it the object holds value. That value can be monetary or purely a receptacle for memory. It unavoidably has a link to our psyche and a sense of identity. I think this is where I was missing the boat. I was caught up in masculinity when what I really was searching for was the sense of identity. How and why do we categorize ourselves? I think that the collection of objects coupled with the image of the collector create a portraiture of the physical and psychological that shows great potential.



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Back to the Drawing Board

Yesterday I had a class critique.

You know how when you think about your death and you hope to God people show up, because then there’s evidence of your value.  You also hope that those who do  show up that their presence is not out of pity or obligation. That they are not there just to make sure you are really dead and spend their time drinking and lamenting what a bastard you were. I kind of feel like I was at my arts funeral and at the end people were not giving their condolences for it passing on, but that it ever existed in the first place.

PITY PARTY OVER! Time to rebuild!

After I spent the evening in a cloudy fog trying to make sense as to where I went wrong. I picked up the phone and called my long time friend, collaborator, and counselor. ( the Theo to my Vincent) During the course of the conversation some ideas started to build and I began to bounce them off him. I hope to have something that might actually be considered valuable. Now I just have to start making it. Here is some imagery and tutorials I’ve been looking through. See if you can figure out where I’m going with this.

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